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Hiking up Holbert

If you haven’t seen Phoenix from South Mountain, you’re missing out! Hiking the Holbert Trail on South Mountain will take you to an Arizona treasure known as Dobbins Lookout. The structure on top was built in the 1930’s and it offers an incredible place to relax and enjoy the highest point you can access on […]
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Find Serenity at Saguaro National Park

Just south of Phoenix is a pristine national park covered in a sea of saguaros. It’s a hiker’s paradise with a wide range of trail options. Instead of seeking a strenuous hike like usual, I opted to hike at a slower pace and soak in the serenity. The drive from Phoenix took us two hours. […]
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The Dole Pineapple Plantation!

I think one of the best parts of a Hawaiian getaway is the delicious fruit. I seriously look forward to eating ridiculous amounts of pineapple whenever I head to the islands. There is one thing that’s even better than pineapple fruit and that is pineapple ice cream. If you’ve never had Dole Whip, you’re missing […]
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The Crazy Climb up Koko Head

It will only take you 1,048 steps to get this view. Here’s the catch, those steps are going to be steep. Really steep. Koko Head Crater Trail gives you an 800+ foot elevation gain in less than a mile. A guy on our hike pulled out a level app and measured the grade at 81 […]
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Checking In: Where to stay in Oahu

The Hawaiian Island of Oahu is packed with places to make unforgettable memories. There are different regions of the island that will give you totally different vibes and overall experiences during your stay. I’m going to break down the different places for your vacation but I’ll start with telling you where we stayed and you […]
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The Trek to Tonto Natural Bridge

This is Arizona destination is not to be missed! If you have visitors coming to see you in the Valley, you have got to take the two hour drive up to this spot and show off your scenic state! Tonto Natural Bridge is an incredible natural display of beauty in Payson, AZ. It is believed […]
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Checking In: The Strawberry Inn

When you see ‘Checking In’ before one of my blog entries, that’s mean this post will give you details on accommodations. This time we’re talking about The Strawberry Inn in Strawberry, AZ. This boutique hotel is located near tons of hikes including the trails to Tonto Natural Bridge. It’s right off Highway 87 which is […]
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Finding Fossil Creek Waterfall

Not too far from Phoenix is a majestic place that looks like a scene straight out of a dream. It’s called Fossil Creek. This is where you’ll find cool water, foliage and a waterfall within three hours of the Valley. THIS IS IMPORTANT: You must have a permit to park and go to the trail […]
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Let it Glow!

I always look forward to going to the zoo and seeing millions of glowing lights during the holidays. Zoo Lights is one of my favorite traditions. Phoenix Zoo’s Let it Glow is at it’s very best this year! As an adult, it’s tough to have a holiday experience that truly makes you feel like a kid again. […]
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DIY Christmas Cactus

Happy holidays! Given my love for the outdoors, I am bringing the outdoors in this Christmas! Laurel Stavros, also known as the blogger behind A Bubbly Life, taught me some quick and super cute ways to decorate our state’s signature plant: cactus! Check out this video to see how to turn desert plants into a […]
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Atop Angel’s Landing

I am going to admit something to you. I don’t like planning and I actually enjoy NOT knowing what I’m getting myself into. So when I went to Zion National Park I hardly did any research of the trails. When I have the time, I like to get to a destination and just do what […]
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