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Headed for Heaven

Oahu’s Stairway to Heaven is one of the most coveted hikes on the planet. There’s just one little problem; it’s illegal. We’re talking police helicopters, thousand dollar fines and even the potential of getting arrested if you get caught on the stairs. That being said, I am not going to tell you about hiking the […]
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When the Journey Hurts

Let’s plan an adventure. Backpack… check. Sunscreen… check. Tent… check. Sleeping bag… check. Six medications… check. My packing list includes pills. A lot of them. I get a handful of direct messages every day from women suffering with the same disorder I have. They want to know how I could possibly have Interstitial Cystitis and […]
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On the Road with Toyota to Northern Arizona

Is there anything better than getting behind the wheel of an awesome ride and knowing you can steer it wherever you want? I think that’s one of the best feelings in the world. A road trip is a journey to self discovery and adventure. I got to go on an road epic trip through Northern […]
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Here with Her: Lori Grace Bailey

Lori Grace Bailey is a professional photographer and storm chaser. This is her story and these are her incredible photos. From ages 7 to about 10, my mother would often take me to the park down the street from our house in El Paso, Texas  She’d let me play on the hot metal slides and […]
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Six Things to Try in Strawberry-Pine

The heat is on in the Valley and Strawberry-Pine is the perfect escape! Did you know Strawberry-Pine is about TWENTY degrees cooler than Phoenix on a typical summer day? Instead of enduring triple-digit heat, you could be enjoying highs in the 80s and all it takes is about a two-hour drive! My favorite part: unlike […]
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Cool Down with a Kayak

You guys know my forever fav outdoor activity is hiking but when you live in Arizona, hiking can be a brutal hobby. Before summer arrived I invested in a kayak to both keep me cool and keep me sane. When I get cooped up inside during the summer I start to get totally bummed! Before […]
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Here with Her: Emiley Stroud

Emiley Stroud is an adventurous mama and military wife. This is her story: For as long as I can remember, I thought about what was next — how hard I was going to have to work to get from here to there and if I could only just make this one thing happen, then I […]
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Escape the Heat with a Night Hike

I recently got the opportunity to collaborate with Chirag Patel for a photoshoot. Chirag takes the kind of photos that prompt you to stop scrolling through Instagram, pause and truly appreciate the talent it took to capture nature so beautifully. Chirag’s specialty is taking mesmerizing night portraits. Check out some of the photos he took […]
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Here with Her: Jackie Blackburn

Meet Jackie Blackburn, founder of She Guides The Way. This is her story of how the outdoors raised her self-esteem, transformed her career and helped her (in her words) drop the “bullshit stories”. Feet grounded, heart open, arms stretched out wide and head tilted back, flowing in the energy of the sunset on the side […]
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Here with Her News!

When I started Here with Her I wasn’t exactly clear on what it could become. I knew I wanted to empower women to get outside and feel the freedom I do in nature. As I moved toward this calling I put my faith in a higher power to guide me. I wrote this prayer: “I […]
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Checking In: The Tavern Hotel

You can get quite cozy in Cottonwood at The Tavern Hotel. I enjoyed this stay so much I am already looking forward to our next visit! Every detail made me feel comfortable from the patio furniture to the luxury shower. This darling boutique hotel is just a 90-minute drive north of Phoenix. The building, just […]
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