Here we go

The inspiration for this blog is simple. I enjoy getting outside, seeing new places and trying new things. I do a lot of fun stuff and I want to take you with me so that you can go do them too!

Those of you who already follow me know we’re going to be doing a lot of hiking! Hiking is my passion. It’s a way for me to connect with nature, unplug and calm my mind. It makes me feel healthy and happy.

You can also expect to find a lot of beer sampling (by sampling I mean drinking). One of my favorite things to do when I visit a new spot on the map is check out the local breweries. So, if you have any suggestions, do tell!

The topics of my posts will not be limited at all. Basically if it’s on my mind, it’s on the blog. So whether it’s a trail to try, a new restaurant opening, an art exhibit, a DIY project or just some thoughts about life, we’re going to talk about it!

I grew up in Surprise and I love all things Arizona so most of what you find here will revolve around this stunning state, however, I do love to travel and I’m going to share those trips with you too!

If there is ever anything particular you want me to discuss, let me know and send me an email

Thank you for being here with her!

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