Here with Her: Jackie Blackburn

Meet Jackie Blackburn, founder of She Guides The Way. This is her story of how the outdoors raised her self-esteem, transformed her career and helped her (in her words) drop the “bullshit stories”.

Feet grounded, heart open, arms stretched out wide and head tilted back, flowing in the energy of the sunset on the side of a mountain. For me this is a sacred space of aligning with I who really am. Basically, dropping  all of the bullshit stories I carry in my mind and in my body. The stories of not being good enough, being too much, basically being too whatever everyone thinks I should be, our do, or look like. Most importantly finally actually loving who I am and know I am enough just as I am, for the first time in my life. The letting go wasn’t anything that I had learned, this is what my soul was crying out for.  So I asked for guidance and I went with it, I trusted my inner-knowing to begin teaching me how the Universe really thought of me and how it wanted me to let go of my perceptions of how the world is and it did all of this through hiking and connecting with nature.

When I first began hiking alone, I did so because everyone was busy. Well I couldn’t just wait around for someone so, I created the motto “Make Your Own Adventures.”  I would hike only a couple of different trails, a few hours before sunset.  It helped me to gain my confidence in my abilities especially with my feet and unstable rock.  “Let the feet do the thinking” quickly became my motto, because when you overthink your steps that’s when you fall.  You’re body knows what to do and that is the beauty about hiking, it teaches you to trust your mind, body and soul. This is the part that lights me up, because so often as a child and even a grown adult I didn’t feel capable of doing anything like this. I had my fair share of childhood accidents that made me feel incapable and hiking changed all of that for me. It helped me to completely shift my mindset from fear to I got this!

With my self-esteem built up, soon I was hiking up the mountain later to meditate and watch the sunset and for me  this was my everything. It quickly became a ritual for me because if you have ever seen an Arizona sunset you know why!  On weekends I would get up early to hike before people were on the trail, sometimes taking a nap on some rocks or reading a book.  As I spent more time on my trail the more I was connecting to the magic I had never seen before. My spirit animal the red tailed hawk kiting over me on numerous occasions. The hooting of great horned owls. Little creatures like lizards, the caterpillars that would you have to walk around, and sparrows tweeting so loudly. Hiking the same trail and seeing the  subtle changes of the seasons over the years.  I like call all of this “Tangible Divinity” because when you pay attention to nature you can see that the divinity that is in all things is also within you. There is Divine Love connecting us all.

With all of these spiritual truths coming to me as I hiked and finding myself, I was beginning to see a new path being created for me. This would eventually become my life’s purpose of guiding people into their own inner-knowing.  So I created my company, She Guides The Way. I am a Life Coach that likes to get my clients on the trail, connect with nature, tap into their own inner-knowing, all while building their confidence in their capabilities.  I lead Full Moon group hikes that helps people connect with the sun, moon, Mother Earth and Father Sky.  These are powerful ceremonies full of love, healing and intention setting.

But let’s be honest here for a second, there were always nay sayers and people concerned with my well-being.  Saying things like, “A young woman like you shouldn’t be hiking alone in the dark.” And while I honor their point of view, it has always been my responsibility to stay in my peace and know my abilities.  I was always responsible with the right gear and a head lamp. It is so easy to go on the path of illusions with your fears.  It is a constant resurgence of trusting yourself.  This is how inner-power is built, because at the end of the day no one knows how to live your life better than you.

You can follow Jackie on Instagram: @sheguidestheway

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