Cool Down with a Kayak

You guys know my forever fav outdoor activity is hiking but when you live in Arizona, hiking can be a brutal hobby.

Before summer arrived I invested in a kayak to both keep me cool and keep me sane. When I get cooped up inside during the summer I start to get totally bummed!

Before I got my kayak, there were two factors preventing me from making the purchase:

  1. Where would I store a kayak?
  2. Am I going to put it on my car incorrectly and lose it on the freeway?

I eliminated both of those concerns by getting an inflatable kayak!

The kayak I bought was $80 on Amazon.  I waited to test it out a few times before writing a post on my experience and now I can happily report, I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS THING! It folds up to to be the size of carry-on luggage and it’s super easy to set up!

I was afraid it would be flimsy or easily pop but it is durable and sturdy! I have had so much fun taking this to spots all over Arizona!

The kayak comes with a foot pump but I highly recommend investing in an electric handheld pump and plugging it into a power convertor connected to your vehicle. It will save you time and frustration.

Keep in mind, in most places, you are required by law to wear a life jacket. I got mine for $20 bucks at Walmart. I bring my dog Ace kayaking so he has a lifejacket too. I found his on Amazon.

Also, summer comes with danger from Monsoon storms in Arizona. Make sure you check the forecast and if there is any risk for thunderstorms in your region you need to reconsider your plans. If you were planning to kayak on a river or tributary you should absolutely not go kayaking if there is inclement weather forecast in the region.

Okay now back to the fun stuff! Here’s where I went kayaking and you can too! Even if you don’t want to buy a kayak, you will find rental information below.

  1. Lake Pleasant: We dropped the boat in at Pleasant Harbor and even took a lunch break at Dillion’s BBQ. It really was quite pleasant but I highly recommend going early and getting off the water by 1pm before the big boats take over and sadly some of their operators are intoxicated.
    • Address: 40202 87th Ave, Peoria, AZ 85383
    • Rentals:
  2. Show Low Lake: This is a small lake but it’s just right for a calm afternoon on the kayak. It is ambient and the scenery is beautiful with pine trees surrounding the water. Only boats with 10 horsepower or less are allowed.
    • Address: 5800 E. Show Low Rd,Show Low, AZ
    • Rentals:
  3. Watson Lake: I love this lake so much I almost felt I shouldn’t share, but I trust my readers treat every spot they visit with respect. Please prove me right. Watson Lake is magnificent. It is small and full of kayaks and paddleboards. It has unique formations called Granite Dells where you can even “island hop” and go for little hikes. See pic below!
    1. Address: 3101 Watson Lake Rd, Prescott, AZ 86301
    2. Rentals:

Last thing… bring cash for parking/fees!

Now you’re ready to have a kayaking adventure of your own!

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  1. You are very brilliant for this that before summer you had come to invest in a kayak to keep you cool and sane. So, now I am thinking now to buy a kayak like you to get peace in my mind. I want to enjoy my life by kayaking in attractive places like you.
    Keep up the good posting, Kristen Keogh.

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