<span>December 2020</span>

  • National Parks Nursery

    In case you haven’t heard, on August 22nd I gave birth to my little baby boy Theodore. Prior to his arrival, I decorated his nursery to match a passion I hope we will share someday: visiting national parks. 

    The national parks are where I feel most like myself, most free and most in touch with nature. I hope that as my baby boy grows into a man he finds the same peace in the parks and grows a desire to protect the outdoors. And yes, Teddy is named after Theodore Roosevelt for his role in protecting wildlife and public lands.

    I started designing the space with this piece of art from Woodensense. I’ve actually had it since 2017 and it’s brought me so much happiness that I wanted to hand it down to my baby boy. It’s what faces you head on when you walk into the room and hangs above Teddy’s changing table. Here‘s something adorable- Teddy loves being on his changing table. I call it his “happy place”. As we change him he stares at this piece of art and smiles as I tell him about all of the amazing, beautiful places we will go together.

    I found an adorable mountain print called “Rocky Mountain” that was available in different forms of decor on multiple sites. I got the crib sheet and changing table cover from Milk Snob. I also have a matching car seat cover I ordered from them too. The blue/green/grey tones matched perfectly with the art that inspired the entire room.

    Our main furnishings are a 6-drawer dress, a crib and a changing table in dark grey from Storkcraft.

    I am not a fan of traditional nursery chairs and I knew I was going to spend most of my time snuggling Teddy on my comfy sectional in my living room anyway so I wanted a rocking chair that was aesthetically pleasing and would really make the nursery look cute. I fell in love with this green velvet rocking chair from Wayfair. It is so comfy and easy to clean spit up off of.

    A lantern lamp was the perfect light to go with this room’s theme. I found it on Etsy!

    The ottoman was a Home Goods find my mom picked up and I also found the side table (that I am obsessed with!) at Home Goods. The side table had the perfect “this wood just got delivered right from the forest” look I was going for. The book on top of the table is the very first book I got for Teddy and I purchased it at Haleakalā National Park on Maui.

    Oh, and the baskets under the changing table are from Home Goods too. Baskets are pricey so I only get them discounted. 


    More Etsy finds that complete the whole room are the camping prints that hang above Teddy’s crib, the forest themed garland on his crib and the amazing bear rug on the floor!

    Also on the floor, you’ll find the cutest plush campfire from Crate & Barrel.

    Last but not least, we hung a mirror above the dresser. It’s from Amazon and I absolutely love it.

    For a couple of cozy touches we added a blanket that matched the cribs sheets and the sweetest teddy bear from Cuddle+Kind.

    In the future I plan to help Teddy keep track of all of his national parks visits with a special collection in his room. I love this idea of collecting magnets and putting them all up on the wall!

    I hope you enjoy. As always, if you have any questions, send me a DM on Instagram!

  • Camping Santa Parked His Trailer in Scottsdale

    Camping lovers, you’ll be thrilled to know Santa has a vintage trailer and he set up camp at Scottsdale Fashion Square for the holiday season. You can visit camping Santa all the way through Christmas Eve.

    My 3-month-old Teddy and I got the opportunity to pay him a visit and we now have a photo to cherish forever! You can get a closer look at our visit if you watch this Instagram reel.

    Santa will sit in front of his trailer solo but surrounded by all his camping gear from a lantern and cooler to his fishing gear and, of course, a campfire.

    COVID safe protocol is in effect, so you will be distanced from Santa and anyone above age two will need to wear a mask. There is hand sanitizer available upon entry and Santa will be wearing a mask while guests sit six feet away from him.

    Reservations are recommended. You can make them and learn more about COVID protocol here.