Camping Santa Parked His Trailer in Scottsdale

Camping lovers, you’ll be thrilled to know Santa has a vintage trailer and he set up camp at Scottsdale Fashion Square for the holiday season. You can visit camping Santa all the way through Christmas Eve.

My 3-month-old Teddy and I got the opportunity to pay him a visit and we now have a photo to cherish forever! You can get a closer look at our visit if you watch this Instagram reel.

Santa will sit in front of his trailer solo but surrounded by all his camping gear from a lantern and cooler to his fishing gear and, of course, a campfire.

COVID safe protocol is in effect, so you will be distanced from Santa and anyone above age two will need to wear a mask. There is hand sanitizer available upon entry and Santa will be wearing a mask while guests sit six feet away from him.

Reservations are recommended. You can make them and learn more about COVID protocol here.

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