<span>July 2021</span>

  • No Contacts in This Camp!

    I am so excited to share that earlier this year I got LASIK and no longer have to wear glasses or contacts! Getting this procedure done with Barnet Dulaney Perkins has improved my lifestyle tremendously in so many ways but especially when I am camping and enjoying the outdoors in general.

    Disclaimer: LASIK outcomes are different for every single patient. Please contact an opthamologist to discuss your personal situation.

    I used to dread my glasses/contacts while camping for a few reasons including: my hands were never *really* very clean before putting them in my eyes to take my contacts in out or put them in, when I switched to my glasses at night and it was cold out they would often fog up while I was sipping on a hot drink, campfire smoke irritated the heck out of my eyeballs and last but not least, I felt super vulnerable knowing if anything went wrong in the middle of the night I would have to scramble to find my glasses.

    Beyond camping, I always seem to be the person who gets something in my eye on the hike and used to hate dealing with my contacts and slowing the group down or having watery eyes on the summit.

    Now, I get to wake up and just start the day with a clear view of my beautiful surroundings. It Is such a blessing! I love not having to think about where I left my glasses, being afraid I didn’t pack them or that I’ll drop so many contacts trying to get them in that I’ll ruin the whole trip (if you know, you know).

    I can even go kayaking without the breeze driving my eyes insane. A few weeks after the procedure I went car camping and spent a couple of days on the water at Lake Pleasant. It was a wonderful introduction to my new life with perfect vision.

    I got my procedure done in February and it’s crazy to think I’ve been wearing glasses/contacts for 23 years up to this point!

    Prior to LASIK, I had a consultation with Barnet Dulaney Perkins to make sure I was a good candidate… I was. Yay! From there we booked the time for my appointment on a Friday morning and this is the most amazing part: it only took about TEN minutes to perform the procedure.

    Dr. Scott Perkins performing my LASIK procedure at the Scottsdale BDP location

    I know the number one question you want an answer to is this: did it hurt? My answer is “no”. It didn’t hurt actually and I was completely freaked out that it would. The team actually gives each patient drops to numb the eyes so keep that in mind. I did feel pressure on the edges of the eyes but that is from the tools used to make sure your eye stays open while the doctor works their magic. Oh and speaking of magic, they also give you a relaxant when you get to the office because let’s be real, the thought of a laser to your eye freaks everyone out!

    What helped me the most during the experience was that the team was so incredibly kind and Dr. Scott Perkins talked through each step of the process as he was performing the procedure. I felt like I had known him forever and completely trusted him with my vision. It’s pretty cool that he also performed my mom’s LASIK procedure previously and she raved about how nice he is!

    When the procedure was over, I had my mom pick me up and take me home. Once you get home it’s time to sleep it off and keep those eyes shut. I did feel stinging on the afternoon of the procedure but the drops the BDP team sent me home with helped a lot. They also gave me some sweet goggles to wear to sleep to protect my eyes.

    A few days after the procedure, my son Teddy (who was six months old at the time) accidentally smacked in the eye while seeking comfort. It hurt a lot and I immediately called BDP. They squeezed me into their packed schedule, checked my eyes for any damage and told me exactly what to do to relieve the pain. My eyes turned out to be fine but that experience spoke volumes about how much the BDP team cares about their patients.

    Now that it’s been five months since I got LASIK, I just feel so grateful that this source of stress has been removed from my life.I don’t have to worry about ordering contacts or running out, when I’m sleepy at night I don’t have to go deal with my contacts, I can take a nap without contacts sticking to my eyes and ruining the rest of the day and another thing I love as a mom is I don’t have to worry about Teddy pulling at my glasses!

    If you have considered LASIK, I hope my journey has helped you feel more comfortable about the process. You can set up a consultation to find out if the procedure is right by clicking here or calling (602) 975-5015.

    If you have any questions make sure you follow me on Instagram @kristenkeogh and shoot me a DM. I would love to chat with you!