My Road to Recovery After Bunion Correction

The following information about my experience with Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction is brought to you in partnership with Treace Medical Concepts, Inc.

I want to share with you what my personal recovery was like after having the Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction. Undergoing any surgery is, of course, a huge decision so I want to help you understand what the days and weeks following the procedure looked like for me. Your own results and experience could differ from mine so please check out the Lapiplasty website to learn more about benefits and risks.

To recap, I got my procedure performed on the Friday leading into Labor Day Weekend. I got to the surgery center early in the morning for a 9:00 surgery time. I got a COVID test on-site then a nurse put in my IV. My surgeon, Dr. Maling, made some marks on my foot and the anesthesiologist performed a block in my right leg. That part was a little uncomfortable but nothing unbearable.

I was taken back to the OR and put under. The surgery was quick and when I awoke, my right leg was still completely numb from the block. That was great. I had absolutely no pain.

Icing and elevating my foot after surgery

Once I got home, I spent my next few days on the couch with my leg elevated and ice behind the knee. I did take painkillers around the clock which became critical to my care once the block wore off around the 24-hour post-surgery mark. There were some uncomfortable moments but I kept my eyes on the prize: becoming free from pain when I recovered. Anytime I needed to get up, I used crutches.

Using crutches the day after surgery

The following week, I returned to Dr. Maling’s office. I made it clear I needed to be back on my feet ASAP because I am a single mom to a toddler, I have a full-time job and I was in the process of closing on a new home.

I got in the walking boot and for the first few days needed the assistance of crutches before putting too much weight on it. I was really amazed I was able to move around so well within a week after surgery but I may have been overusing my foot a little given the fact my little boy started walking just a few days after the procedure. It was pretty special: both of us getting the hang of walking together.

I kept taking ibuprofen, icing my foot multiple times throughout the day and resting with my foot elevated whenever possible. My only true discomfort came at night when the stimuli around me stopped and I noticed some new sensations. 

I rubbed Vitamin E oil on the incisions to help with scarring and did some toe exercises the doctor taught me so that I could get full mobility back to my foot ASAP*. I also kept my foot wrapped in an elastic bandage and the compression felt so nice.


I was able to go back to work with the boot and crutches within a week of surgery. I also started driving (this is one of the few times the boot came off) within a couple of weeks. I took this really easy and started by only going very short distances and really listening to my body.

You guys, I even closed on my house and moved in within a few weeks of the procedure! 


Teddy and me in our new home 17 days after surgery

The next step is getting approval to transition from the boot to a walking shoe just in time for the best time to hike in AZ and the start of my job hosting at the hockey arena. 

Thanks for following along on this process. Again, this is my personal experience. Click here to learn about benefits and risks. 

*Talk to your healthcare professional about your personal recovery plan as this may not be recommended for everyone. 


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